All Grown Out -
Halle Berry's signature mussed look
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All Grown Out

2011 was the year of the pixie, when it came to hot celeb hairstyles. But while pixies may have been all the rage three years ago, things have changed. Let's see just how much, with a slideshow of then-and-now comparisons!

Is there life after a pixie? You bet! While some stars who sported pixies as far back as 2011 haven't strayed so far from the flirty, gamine style, others have completely rebounded to long, cascading locks. We can't exactly blame them, but we sure enjoy reminiscing about pixies past! Check out our collection of before-and-after pixie photos.




Emma Watson'

Emma Watson gaered a massive uproar of media attention when she chopped off her brunette locks. But though the response to her pixie cut was mostly positive, she's now back to her long tresses (elegantly pulled back at Paris Fashion Week!).


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway claimed to have been "inconsolable" after her mane was cut short for Les Miserables. Surprisingly, she took a while growing it back -- rumor has it it's still cut short, though she's donning a wig for her role in the upcoming film The Inte.


Carey Mulligan

Synonymous in recent years with boyish-femme beauty, Carey Mulligan is almost recognizable without her short blonde pixie. Perhaps that was the case on this recent shopping day with gal pal Dianna Agron, where her longer (and darker!) strands almost certainly kept fans at bay.


Ginnifer Goodwin

TV's Snow White (see Once Upon a Time) is known for her demure cropped cut, but she's since grown it out to a softer and more feminine iteration. The proud then mama-to-be wore her locks smooth and swept to the side on her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry practically wrote the book on rocking sexy, short-cropped 'dos! Although she wore her pixie spiked and spunky back in 2011, she's now leaning toward a more relaxed, less edgily styled version of the cut, with the front pieces framing her face.


Pixie Geldof

With a name like Pixie, you've pretty much got to wear your hair in the eponymous style, right? Pixie Geldof hasn't deviated much from her short cut in 2011 -- except for the color, that is. Save for her blonde-to-brunette switch, her hair is still cut short, with longer pieces on the sides giving a more delicate look to the style.


Victoria Beckham

From one "Posh" style to another: Victoria Beckham is known for wild style metamorphoses, and her hair's never left out of the equation. Though she wore a severely short pixie a few years back, she's back to long and flowing strands.


Miley Cyrus

Another star who's known for changing it up, Miley Cyrus, went from a softly styled pixie to a harder, more androgynous-looking 'do. As her style evolution continues, we look forward to seeing what's next!


Charlize Theron

Though we loved how Charlize's short-cropped pixie played off her soft, feminine features, we're exciting to see this new, daring 'do with face-framing layers. Let's face it: Ms. Theron can do no wrong!

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