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Pixie Perfect

So you took the plunge and chopped your locks-now what? Here are four different ways to style your pixie and keep it looking fresh!

When you first muster up the courage to cut off all your hair, it's exhilarating. You feel lighter, sexier and more confident. But after a while, an ultra short cut can go from liberating to constraining. How much can you really do with six inches of hair? A lot, it turns out. Here are our four favorite ways to mix up your pixie.


Sultry Side Part
Amp up locks with a volumizing spray or foam, starting at the root. Create a straight part using the “peak” of your eyebrow as a starting point. Take a flat iron to various pieces, guiding them over to the side. Set with hairspray.


Sleek and Smooth
Start with wet hair and create a deep side part. Distribute a small amount of strong-hold gel throughout, starting at the root and working through to the ends. Use a comb to distribute evenly and smooth hair against the scalp. Blow hair straight and brush smooth. Finish with a spritz of shine spray. 


Polished Punk
Use a thickening spray near the root to lift hair. Using your flat iron, guide hair upward in pieces. Finish by rubbing pomade between your palms and using it to “pull up” on your ironed pieces. This will add shine and hold.


Timeless Texture
Work a leave-in conditioner or styling creme through towel-dried hair. This will help you keep control as well as add moisture. Wrap 1-inch sections of hair around your finger, and lay the coil on your scalp. Let air dry, or use a diffuser to help coax out texture while keeping frizz in check.




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