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Queen of the Emerald Isle

Tapping into her creative and business skills with equal aplomb, Irish icon Maeve O'Healy-Harte is the current OMC World Hairstylist of the Year; successful salon and academy owner; founder, publisher and editor of the rockin' hot Irish Hairdresser International magazine; OMC President for Western Europe; Intercoiffure Ireland President; manager of Team Ireland; and a pro-beauty activist, industry politician and leader who tirelessly works to elevate Ireland's pro-beauty industry.

May/June 2014 Find in
May/June 2014

She’s also the only hairdresser in Ireland’s long and fabled history to be inducted into the Irish Hall of Fame and Irish Hall of Leaders.

In addition to O’Healy-Harte’s iconic status in the world of hairdressing, her willingness to share knowledge, big personality and unassuming ways also make her a magnet for pro-beauty luminaries who frequently juggle seats at inteational events just to “have a word with Maeve.”

“All of the things that you’ve just mentioned are true, but what I want to do more than anything else, is to touch and mentor as many Irish hairdessers as I possibly can,” says O’Healy-Harte.”I want their lives to be better; their careers to be more successful; and for great education to always be available that will inspire and guide their art and business aspirations.”

What is MOHH?

As you might have already guessed, MOHH stands for O’Healy-Harte’s initials.

It’s a successful pro-beauty company, which includes MOHH Hair Couture salon; MOHH Academy, a 14-month hairdressing course; and MOHH Publishing, which produces Irish Hairdresser Inteational—a beautiful, pro-beauty magazine—and a host of other important publishing projects.

Tuing Dreams Into Realities

“I decided I wanted to become a hairdresser after going to the salon with my mother, who had a standing weekly appointment,” says O’Healy- Harte.

“I remember seeing the name ‘Vidal Sassoon’ written on a diploma that was displayed at her hairdresser’s station.

I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Who is this man? Why is he so important?’ Always having a curious mind, I investigated Sassoon and, based on what I discovered, I decided that I wanted to become a hairdresser more than anything else in the world.

Ebony & Ivory

Years later, I took many courses at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and met Vidal on many occasions.

He was such a lovely and humble man.

“Other career goals have come and gone over the years.

I’ve achieved goals for my salon and hairdressing academy, as well as many others for our industry, including bringing Intercoiffure to Ireland, becoming the OMC President of Weste Europe and training Team Ireland for inteational competitions and leading them to victory.

My current goal is to break a Guinness World Record for hair.

I started the project two years ago with my cousin, Mary Healy, who’s a hairstylist in New York.

It’s top secret right now, but I swear I’ll share the details as soon as I’m free to do so.

All I can say at the moment: Because I’ve always believed in making realistic and achievable goals, the Guinness World Record is defi nitely within our grasp.”

O’Healy-Harte is also in the throes of writing a book—The Hairdressers Jouey—about her experiences in the pro-beauty industry.

“It’s sure to name and shame and raise some eyebrows,” smiles O’Healy-Harte,” but most of all, it will make readers laugh out loud.”


OMC European Cup Open Hairdressing Championships: Winner Maeve O’Healy-Harte, OMC Prestige Global World Hairstylist of the Year 2013/2014
David & Ronnie Norton @ DN Design; Hairstylist: Maeve O’Healy-Harte

Speed Chat

Maeve O’Healy-Harte shares insights about the world of Irish hairdressing.

Maeve O’Healy-Harte

In America, the fastest growing areas of our salon industry are suite/chair rentals and chains. Are the same changes happening in Ireland?

About 90% of our salons are independently owned. One salon group, Peter Mark, owns 76 salons, with none being franchises. A very small percentage of salons in Dublin rent chairs/booths. Elsewhere, this isn’t common in Ireland.

What are the most popular services in your salon?

Aside from haircuts, color is the most popular service in our salon, as it is all over Europe and the Americas. In fact, 70% of our clients receive some type of color service, including full-head color, highlights, flashes of color, balayage, or ombré applications. We also do a lot of tape-in hair extensions for color-shy clients by adding a few contrasting strands or highlights.

How badly has the worldwide recession impacted the salon industry in Ireland?

Hair salons have been heavily affected by the recession. A lot of businesses have closed over the past four years and others have downsized to skeleton staffs in order to survive. Like America, clients are stretching out their appointments to fewer times per year.

How does one go about eaing and receiving a hairdressing license in Ireland?

Unfortunately, Ireland doesn’t have a licensing program per se for hairdressers. In lieu of this, people who aspire to become hairdressers must be hired by a salon and apprentice inteally for three to four years, with 10% of that time spent at hair company centers or a private school. They can also choose to receive all of their training in a college education govement system or private school.

Once training is complete, all students must take the State Commission Junior and Senior Trades Certifi cation in Hairdressing. Some also take the City & Guilds Inteational Foundation and Senior Certifi cation; World Hairdressers Federation Certifi cation; and/or OMC Certifi cation.

MOHH Hair Couture


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