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Rock and Roll by Simplicity Hair Extensions
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Online Certification

Now playing on a computer near you! Have you viewed the new Simplicity Hair Extensions by TressAllure website?

July/August 2012 Find in
July/August 2012

It’s clean, easy to navigate and offers a new way to get Simplicity certified with an on-demand, online course.

“The course involves purchasing a kit and following step-bystep instructions,” explains Evan Parker-Calderon, Director of Sales and Marketing, Salon Division. “Each completed step is reviewed by one of our Simplicity Master Stylists via images that can be sent to us, using your cell phone or computer. It’s an excellent way to learn important techniques at a time and place that’s most convenient for you.”

What other ways do you have at your disposal?
“We hold hands-on certification courses at all major trade shows, as well as in-salon classes for a minimum of six participating stylists,” notes Parker-Calderon. “The resulting expertise will allow you to do a full-head of extensions in as little as 45 minutes— excellent for your income and required by timedeprived clients—and create results that last as long as any traditional set of bonded strands.”

Global Trend!

Twelve years ago, some trend forecasters called hair extensions a fad that would last for about 18 months. Wrong! “Hair extensions represent a lasting, multibillion dollar global trend,” says Sophie Evans, a top Melbourne stylist who has traveled the world to document the popularity of hair extensions in cosmopolitan and less-sophisticated outlying areas. “The demand for hair extensions during the Global Financial Crisis—which is still going on today—can be compared to lipstick sales during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. The economy may still be wobbling, but hair extension services are booming.”

Simplicity Hair Extensions by TressAllure
Enroll now and receive $100 off your total course investment


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