Masterful Strokes -
Image courtesy of Keratin Complex; Haircolorist: Deborah Gavin
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Masterful Strokes

Deborah Gavin, International Artistic Director, Keratin Complex Color Therapy,blazes a colorful new path for education.

March/April 2013 Find in
March/April 2013

After working as an educator for one major color company for 23 years, Deborah Gavin—master colorist, salon owner and leading educator—decided to make a major career move.

"I never considered working for another company until Mario Argenti, President of Keratin Labs (division of Keratin Complex), invited me to test the company’s new color brand," Gavin reveals.

"Because I’ve always had the utmost respect for Mario as a businessman and visionary, I agreed to participate.

"Over a several week period, I used models to test many shades and formulations—including several vibrant reds—and discovered that not only was the entire color range beautifully formulated, but also my models’ hair didn’t all.

Their hair also remained stronger and super-shiny between test visits.
I was stunned!

When I was invited to become the International Artistic Director for Keratin Complex Color Therapy, I didn’t hesitate to accept.

Not only did I love the color brand, but I was also given the rare opportunity to develop and implement an inaugural education and training program, based on my expertise as an educator and colorist.

Speed Chat.

Deborah Gavin shares important details about Color Therapy KeraHold permanent color.

You state that Color Therapy KeraHold leaves hair smoother and stronger after a color service.
How is this possible?
Based on my experience behind the chair, I’m a strong believer in topnotch, keratin-based smoothing products.

Keratin Complex—the longtime leader of the keratin category—formulated Keratin Complex Color Therapy KeraHold with the proper amount and type of keratin to strengthen and smooth strands during the coloring process.

This isn’t hype dreamed up by a marketer.
Every day when I work behind the chair, I see immediate and long-lasting improvement in the condition and appearance of my clients’ hair. Let’s get real.
How is it possible for Color Therapy KeraHold—even vibrant reds—not to fade or lose their luster between salon visits?

When I say that I’ve never experienced another color brand that doesn’t fade, it’s the truth.

Traditional permanent haircolor is formulated with a percentage of direct dyes, which coat the cuticle, and oxidative dyes, which penetrate into the cortex.

Most color fade is caused by the vibrant direct dyes washing off the cuticle.

Color Therapy KeraHold, on the other hand, is formulated with 100% oxidative dyes. This means that all color pigments—which are micronized to ensure complete penetration—are deposited in the cortex where they remain between salon services.

The keratin content also plays a role in color retention because, as it smooths and seals the cuticle, it also locks in color and shine.


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