Gerd Hoher, President
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Fade Out

A fifth-generation stylist, Gerd Hoher is on a mission to establish arteasecolors as the No. 1 no-fade color brand on the market.

All arteasecolors are 92% natural in the tube and feature proprietary 3 Wheat Protein Complex to guarantee brilliant and natural-looking haircolor.

November/December 2012 Find in
November/December 2012

Without a doubt, color fade is the bane of most colorists. But according arteasecolors President and Founder Gerd Hoher, eventual loss of multifaceted tonality and sparkle are completely optional.

“There are two leading schools of thought that govern all large color companies,” Hoher explains. “German chemists formulate permanent color with 85% unoxidized and 15% oxidized dyes. The French approach—which is also used by the majority of Spanish and Italian chemists—uses a 75% to 25% ratio. The oxidized dyes are the fade culprit, because they’re deposited for the most part on the cuticle. The initial result is brilliant color with gorgeous refract, but after a few shampoos, the cuticle dyes are washed away and the color looks faded.

“When I first began my search for a true solution to fading, my goal seemed simple: Create a color that does not rely on oxidized dyes, while still maintaining the same high-intensity shine and refraction as German and French formulations. It didn’t take me long to discover that while I had a sound idea, the technology needed to do this had yet to be invented.

“After several years of research, we met a chemist in Switzerland who knew about Kuppler Pigment, a revolutionary paint technology that’s responsible for the gorgeous depth and mirror shine that you see on today’s cars. Our chemist adapted this technology to haircolor and then reduced the size of the hair dye molecules to pack the cortex with more color. This is why arteasecolors contains 99% unoxidized pigments and has no noticeable fading, even weeks after application.”

Available in 89 shades, arteasecolors can be used as a permanent, demi- or semipermanent line by adjusting the volume of developer. “This not only dramatically reduces inventory space and cost,” says Hoher, “but it also provides a full range of shades in all categories, not to mention precisely-matched color for those who apply permanent color on the regrowth, but refresh the shafts and ends with a gentler formulation.

The arteasecolor brand includes bleach that lifts 8 levels, as well as color bleaches that lift and tone in one action.
Images: Courtesy of arteasecolors

About Gerd Hoher

After studying in Germany and Switzerland, and spending a few years managing one of his family’s salons in Austria, destiny sent Gerd Hoher to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he met likeminded future icons Michael O’Rourke and Michael Gordon. “We were filled with such adventure in those days,” Hoher smiles. “One Sunday morning we met and decided to seek our fortunes in America.”

Michael Gordon eventually became the co-founder of Bumble & bumble; Hoher and O’Rourke opened Carlton Hair International and built a 31-salon chain before selling to Regis. O’Rourke went on to found Sexy Hair; Hoher became an international education director for several leading haircolor brands before founding arteasecolors in 2007.

Today, Hoher and his wife, Lulu, are pioneering the striking arteasecolors brand through groundbreaking formulations, a master colorist’s eye, and advanced education workshops at their headquarters in So.Cal, as well as at seminars and trade shows throughout the country. Hoher, with his vast experience as a salon owner, also provides business training and materials necessary for a successful salon launch.   

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