Can You Imagine? -
Colin Walsh, Vice President and General Manager of Matrix U.S.
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Can You Imagine?

Colin Walsh speaks about what's near and dear to his heart, the Matrix team and stylists throughout the country.

Speaking with Colin Walsh, VP and General Manager of Matrix U.S., is like inhaling an invigorating breath of air. Exuberant, dedicated and walking the walk, Walsh has managed to do what was once considered impossible: infuse a very modern Matrix with the spirit that it possessed when stylist and entrepreneur Arnie Miller was leading the beauty charge. Rather than simply creating a new attitude, though, Walsh and his dedicated team have channeled this spirit to create programs and opportunities for all stylists who embrace Matrix's mantra, "Imagine All You Can Be."

July/August 2012 Find in
July/August 2012

Q. As the leader of Matrix in the U.S., you have a powerful position, yet you say that the real power lies with stylists. Please explain.

A. I believe that the styling chair represents the true seat of power in our industry. Without stylists, there would be no Matrix, or any other professional-beauty company for that matter. Even more important, stylists have the ability to change lives. People can wake up in the morning feeling unattractive, underappreciated or even undeserving, but after spending an hour in their stylist’s chair, their appearance and attitude are transformed. Feeling and looking good not only enhances the lives of clients, but also the entire community.

I keep seeing Hair+Heart=Imagine on all of your press materials. Please explain what this means and how it pertains to stylists.

Hair+Heart=Imagine is much more than an intellectual dream; it represents our ambition to make our core belief, Imagine All You Can Be, accessible and understandable to every stylist. We also believe that it’s a critical formula for stylists’ success. Our job is to help activate their passion and purpose by providing the highest degree of technical, business and inspirational education; delivering affordable yet top-of-the-line products that transform people’s hair the fi rst time that they sit in their chairs; and embracing all stylists as members of our Matrix family. Regarding the latter, this sincere philosophy has allowed to blossom into a vibrant community where members can go to learn, exchange ideas and share their passions with other stylists.

Q. Please share some information about your newest education event, “Imagine All You Can Be.”

A. Without a doubt, this program mirrors our mission to help stylists reconnect with their passions, discover new trends and techniques, and receive breakthrough ideas that can expand the boundaries of their pro-beauty success. The program is currently being held in various areas of the U.S.—seven total for the year—and features an amazing roster of educators, including Matrix Artistic Directors, who share exciting technical education, and Dr. Lew Losoncy, who delivers motivational wisdom like no other expert in our industry. [Next Imagine All You Can Be event: Fargo, North Dakota, August 27, 2012]

Q. We understand that you’ve formed a partnership with that will greatly enhance your Chairs of Change program. Please update our readers on this program and how the new partnership will greatly assist stylists’ efforts.

A. Chairs of Change speaks directly to so many stylists who yearn to do something that benefits others. Their passion could involve a worthy charity, a community need or even an individual. Matrix’s role in Chairs of Change is to support whatever causes speak to their passions. Since introducing this program in 2011, so many stylists and salons have held fabulous events and in-salon activities that have enriched their communities, and supported charities and individuals in need of help.

We have just announced our partnership with DoSomething. org to provide beauty professionals with important tools to support their charitable efforts. focuses on young people who want to make changes in the world around them. The organization has turnkey programs for everything from drives for needy children— including school supplies and prom dresses—to how to become involved in causes such as disaster relief and the environment. Matrix has partnered with to create oneday boot camps that will teach stylists how to create social change in their communities. The organization also provides online tools that can help individuals gain visibility and support for their causes.

Q. Matrix has a big launch happening right now. We would love for you to share information about this new product collection.

A. When Biolage was first introduced to beauty professionals, it transformed our industry. I believe that our Biolage ExquisiteOil collection has the potential to do the same thing. Oils, in general, have revolutionized our business by introducing a new category to hair care and styling. Biolage ExquisiteOil takes this category to a newer and higher level through breakthrough formulations that use a proprietary Moringa oil blend to deliver shine with no build-up. The oil is lightweight and clear. In true Matrix tradition, our Biolage ExquisiteOil collection is affordably priced, with our Replenishing Treatment oil costing approximately half the amount of leading Argan oil products.

Q. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

A. We believe any dream is possible when you connect your talent and training with HAIR to the passion and purpose of your HEART. Our dream is to help hairdressers achieve theirs and IMAGINE all they can be.

Colin Walsh, Vice President and General Manager of Matrix U.S.


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