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Red Alert!

Color authority Marco Pelusi provides some tips on keeping red hues radiant!

Hollywood colorist Marco Pelusi reveals some insider tips on how he keeps his celebrity redheads looking radiant and ready for the big screen. Here, this top talent provides some tips to consider when approaching redheads. Pelusi, who can often be found teaching audiences, recently led two classrooms at the International Beauty show, which was held in Las Vegas-this year's curriculum: Hollywood Reds Pelusi's Tips.

-When approaching reds, always consider her skin tone and color season. Is the client going to look best in a cool or a warm red? When yearning to cool off a red, add a hint of blue to the formula. When yearning to warm up a formula, brighten the red by adding a touch of yellow. "Understanding the amount of blue and yellow in both the client's skin, as well as the color formula will ensure success," says Pelusi.

-It's always important to consider a well-balanced red formula. "Make sure that the red color is even throughout scalp through the ends," advises Pelusi. "The worst thing is to end up with what we call 'hot roots,' when the client's root area is brighter than the rest of the hair. To solve this possible problem, mix a separate formula for the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, generally adding more red to this area."

-Always add trend techinque to your reds. "Right now, the softened and refined ombre look is a great addition to red haircoloring," says Pelusi. "Add a few strategically placed highlights on the mid-lenghts and the ends."

-"Finally, for warmer reds, one of my favorite things to use is aloxxi tones 8K (a copper in a demi color) on top of freshly highlighted hair. Highlight the hair first (hair should be a natural level 6) with aloxxi lightener mixed with 20 volume aloxxi developer, and allow it to reach an orange color. Then overlay with the 8K aloxxi tones mixed with aloxxi tones developer cooler reds. For deeper reds, I absolutely love aloxxi chroma 6XR (it's permanent haircolor, for a cooler deeper red) mixed with aloxxi chroma 6R mixed with aloxxi 20 volume developer, for an intense cool red. To intensify this formula, simply add an inch of aloxxi chroma R gem to the copper formula," concludes Pelusi. Next stop, Hollywood!



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