East Meets West -
Japanese inspired cuts were a focus for Ricardo Dinis, who showcased his looks at the Aveda Congress 2013
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East Meets West

Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Cutting, Ricardo Dinis demos the art of creating Japanese-inspired hair looks.

September/October 2013 Find in
September/October 2013

As a self-proclaimed "Japanophile," Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Cutting, Ricardo Dinis, says the inspiration behind his East-meets-West Aveda Congress 2013 show was the shape of the kimono-especially the triangular shape of the sleeves. Each cut spotlighted graphic angles, strong lines and a fusion of male and female cutting techniques, resulting in androgynous shapes.

"Short, tomboy haircuts are getting the most attention in fashion right now," says Dinis. "My show plays with classic beauty, but brings elements of androgyny and strength." According to Dinis, the strength is in the details. "When you look at Japanese fabric, textiles and culture, it's all about the details. The haircuts feature details such as blunt fringes, asymmetrical lines and geometric shapes that are a combination of everything I find beautiful about the Asian aesthetic." Another key detail is how the shape of short cuts continues to evolve. "The top layers are being cut much shorter, and the volume of the cut is sitting more on the sides of the hair," concludes Dinis. "This creates stronger silhouettes and invites more raw hair styling effects."

Get the Look:

Step 1: Perform a classic bob haircut.

Step 2: Perform an undercut on the bottom sections using a scissor-over-comb technique and moving from the nape to the occipital bone.

Step 3: In the top sections, create shorter layers that work up to graduation and create movement in the hair.

Step 4: Cut a short fringe by combing the small sections forward, and point-cutting to create a straight line that sits a few inches above the brows. Continue combing sections forward and point-cutting along the previous line until the fringe is the desired shape and thickness.

Step 5: Point-cut to refine the fringe and bottom edges of the hair cut.

Step 6: To finish, spray the hair with Air Control Hair Spray, and blow-dry the hair in all directions to bring out the texture. Emulsify Light Elements Texturizing Creme in the hands, and shape the fringe and front sections with your fingers. Scrunch the remaining product into the back layers to create additional texture and volume.



Air Control Hair Spray


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