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White on White
Fall 2015 Find in
White on White
Always thought provoking, Visionary Icon photo shoot workshops are renowned for challenging attendees to tightly define and execute a themed photo shoot.

During Visionary Icon's most recent two-day workshop, the general theme was to create a collection devoid of color-white fashions and backdrop, natural/nude makeup and blonde models.

Hair: Chris Vandehey; Makeup: Wanda Alvarez; Fashion: Rocky Gathercole. Photography by Luis Alvarez for Aquage
Fall 2015 Find in
Ex Machina

Aquage team artist Chris Vandehey was mesmerized and inspired by the cool, polished futurism of the recent film, Ex Machina.

Danielle Keasling, owner of Salon Karma in South Carolina
March/April 2015 Find in
Build Your Foundation
Bridal styles require plenty of prep work.
by Danielle Keasling

I'm not sure why hairstyling wisdom has changed over the past few years; all I know is that it's wrong. Asking a bride to show up for her big day with secondday hair compromises the finished look and does nothing to make her hair look fabulous on one of the most important-and photographed-days of her life.

Chrystofer BensonPhotographer: Joseph Cartright
January/February 2015 Find in
Gateway to Artistic Freedom
Chrystofer Benson's CBC debuts at ISSE Long Beach.

He's bursting with energy and poised to positively impact your business.

NAHA Dreaming
July/August 2014 Find in
NAHA Dreaming
Sonya Gettinger and her salon team take their first step toward NAHA glory.

Marco Pelusi
Color Crew
Marco Pelusi will make his debut on FOX's "A Healthy You & Carol Alt" show

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana Hair: Soft, Romantic Updos

Soft, romantic style was the key look at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, and it's a look your clients are going to love. Here's the how-to.

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