Rising Star -
Sabra Aguirre
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Rising Star

Beauty school student Sabra Aguirre shares her amazing beauty talent with the pro-beauty world.

July/August 2012 Find in
July/August 2012

Prior to attending beauty school, Sabra Aguirre swept hair, washed towels and cleaned tint bowls in her mother’s salon in Iola, Kansas (populaton 5500), for as far back as she can remember.

“I’ve always loved working in a salon,” Aguirre beams. “It’s not only part of my family heritage, it’s also in my blood. No one was surprised — especially my mother—when I packed my bags just days after my high school graduation and headed for the Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, a two-hour drive from Class Act, our family-owned salon.

“I currently have 1400 hours. Technically I need 1500 to graduate, but I’m doing an additional 100 hours so that I can receive reciprocity in several states that require more hours than Kansas.”

Student Sabra Aguirre envisions a career filled with edgy fashion and editorial styling
Student Sabra Aguirre envisions a career filled with edgy fashion and editorial styling.

Why? “Because I’m getting the heck out of dodge,” she laughs. “I want to explore employment opportunities in more cosmopolitan areas, including Chicago and Austin. Because I’m an amateur photographer and editorial enthusiast, I also want to do beauty work for fashion magazines.”

“What if this means that your dream work happens largely in Los Angeles and New York?” we asked.

“When I’m ready to enter the big leagues, I’ll pack my bags in a second and move to the heart of the editorial world.” she smiles. Aguirre’s fi rst foray into beauty for photography was the breathtaking images that grace her “Rising Star.”

Sabra Aguirre
Sabra Aguirre

Even more jaw dropping: She had a mere 480 hours when she immortalized her creativity!

“Eric [Fisher] mentored me from A to Z for the shoot,” Aguirre relates. “He guided me through hairstyle choices; facilitated the use of house models; talked me through makeup designs and how to make them strong without overpowering the hair; and showed me ways that my work could really pop for the camera. The end designs are my own, of course, but his mentorship meant everything to me in terms of the results.”

How will Aguirre be using her gorgeous images? “They’re already in my portfolio,” she assures us. “As soon as I pass my state board exam, they’ll become an important element of what I need to get the right job that matches my personality, abilities and professional ambitions.”

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